SLAXX world premiere at the Fantasia Festival

SLAXX featuring Erica Anderson is set to premiere at The Fantasia Festival August 23rd, 2020!

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“At Canadian Cotton Clothiers, where the motivating slogan is “Make a better tomorrow today,” the staff is preparing for Monday Madness. Joining the store’s stock of organic, GMO-free, fair-trade, sweatshop-free, ethically sourced tops and bottoms is the eagerly awaited new line of Super Shaper jeans – thermally activated denim that adapts to any body size. Not only that, but hot social-media influencer Peyton Jules (Erica Anderson) will be paying a midnight visit. As if things weren’t tense enough, one pair of Super Shapers proves to have a mind of its own, and can not only think but leap, bite, choke, and otherwise attack unwary members of the Clothiers team. New hire Libby (Romane Denis, SLUT IN A GOOD WAY) is the first to discover that these jeans have jaws, but can she successfully alert her co-workers tonight so they have a chance of living to see that better tomorrow?

Launched during Fantasia’s 2017 Frontières Co-Production Market, SLAXX is the latest and most off-the-wall film from fest regular Elza Kephart (GRAVEYARD ALIVE, Fantasia 2003). Amidst a satirical milieu, the kind of trendy clothier where the departments are called “ecosystems,” Kephart and co-scripter Patricia Gomez Zlatar introduce one of the more original screen creatures in recent memory. These savage Super Shapers are brought to life with effects that give them a personality as well as an appetite, and they spill enough blood to require a cleanup in every aisle. Denis, the immediately sympathetic young lead, heads an enthusiastic cast, and Kephart maintains a deadpan tone even when the developments become outrageous, like the revelation of the deadly jeans’ one weakness. There’s even a streak of social consciousness running underneath it all. So if you’re seeking something a little different on the horror/comedy scene, try these SLAXX on for size. It’s a real kick in the pants!”  – Michael Gingold